Learning & Workforce Transformation

Empowering people with the skills to foster innovation across their teams and drive digital transformation that lasts

Learning-Oriented Discovery

We help teams assess their digital and innovation capability gaps in order to design and deliver tailor-made training and workforce solutions. We work with leadership teams to rapidly identify effective and efficient digital learning strategy to understand and solve the performance challenges teams often face.

Transformation Learning Programmes

Unlock the full potential of digital transformation through human-centred universal, practitioner and leadership programmes to enable design, delivery and adoption of your initiatives. Our bespoke programmes, including 1-1 mentoring, secondments, and customised training embed these approaches, enabling teams to maximise technology benefits.

Targeted Digital Upskilling

Equip your workforce with the essential skills to embrace opportunities and solve problems with new technologies, user-centred design and agile techniques. We support our client organisations to develop minimum operating standards and harness the benefits of digital tools and the latest innovation methods.

Executive Mentoring, Coaching & Placements

Supercharge your leadership and workforce capabilities for the digital age with the help of executive mentors and coaches who have led large-scale digital transformation projects across the private and public sectors. Additional menu options, including work placements will further broaden your people's experience of driving innovation and change in digitally-savvy organisations.

We're all about outcomes

We care deeply about the areas we work across, which is why we focus on achieving meaningful outcomes with our clients & partners. Explore what we can help you achieve. 

Charlotte Abrahamson

Head of Learning Delivery

Louise Brennan

Director, Learning and Workforce Transformation

Clients & Partners


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Case Study

Innovation in Defence: Pan-Defence innovation training to take ideas through to impact

A three-tiered training programme, providing pan-defence personnel with applied skills in innovative user-centred design approaches through case studies, online and in-person learning experiences.

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Case Study

Executive-level training to facilitate innovation in the UK Ministry of Defence

An executive-level training programme that brings together Defence leaders to dissect the innovation system and foster the conditions for innovation success in their teams.

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Learning & Workforce Transformation at PUBLIC: Empowering Public Sector with the Skills to Foster Innovation 

Discover our latest interview with Elina Lam-Gall, the driving force behind PUBLIC’s efforts in transforming how government officials learn and adapt to the digital world.

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