We’ve built PUBLIC to be the go-to partner to help organisations at every step of their digital transformation journey achieve outcomes that last.

Our Approach


We convene an ecosystem of change-makers, facilitating collaboration between public bodies and innovative companies.


We know what best-in-class software products look like, how to build and integrate them with existing systems and know how to manage the complexities of procurement.


We live in the nexus of policy and technology, knowing that technology - whether AI or automation - cannot alone change the nature of public services.


Startup culture informs everything we do and how we work - we are creative, flat, open, motivated, agile, fast-moving, inclusive, user-obsessed and fixated on our mission.

We like to break down the digital transformation journey into four distinct stages, and we work with our clients to provide them with the specialist support, expertise and solutions they need at each stage.

Our holistic approach equips organisations in defining public sector challenges, conceiving, sourcing and piloting innovative solutions, all while empowering teams with the skills and mindset needed to champion transformation that creates an enduring, positive impact.

This allows us to get our clients from ‘What problems do we have?’ all the way to ‘We have the technology, skills and organisational approach to solve existing and emerging problems in innovative ways’.

Explore our Expertise

Commercial, Spend &

Commercial, Spend &
Supporting public authorities to make their commercial and funding processes more effective, efficient and sustainable.
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Security &
Online Safety

Security & Online Safety
Working with clients across central government, regulatory bodies and industry to build safer online spaces, protect users and grow a responsible digital economy.
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Local Government
Enabling local authorities to leverage digital and data for the benefit of their local residents, businesses and communities.
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Digital, Data &

Digital, Data &
Harnessing the power of digital,
data & technology to deliver positive impact for society by improving
critical public services.
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Open Innovation

Open Innovation Programmes
Fostering innovation to shape the future of the public sector through technology-driven solutions, from concept to impact.
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Learning & Workforce

Learning & Workforce Transformation
Empowering people with the skills
to foster innovation across their teams and drive digital transformation
that lasts.
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