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Starting life as an accelerator and investor, we have become a leading European government-focused technology company

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The Public School of Technology

We launch our latest learning offer to equip public servants with the skills, knowledge, and tools to grasp the opportunities of the digital age. Visit the website to find out how to become instinctively innovative, operate confidently with new technologies, new business models, working cultures, and partnerships.

Who we are

Our mission is to help public sector bodies transform the services they offer in order to create a better society for everyone. We believe that public service can be pursued both inside and outside of government.

How we help

Helping you


We advise public bodies - departments, agencies, the NHS, on how to transform their services using the most innovative technologies available to solve public problems.

Online Safety Data Initiative

Facilitating data access to catalyse innovation in the Safety Tech sector

Helping you

Solve Problems

We run Challenge Programmes to help solve public problems by convening innovators with cutting-edge digital technology.

Prison Leavers Innovation Challenge

Developing new technological tools to help prison leavers

Helping you


We teach public servants how to become instinctively innovative, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and tools to grasp the opportunities of the digital age.

LGA Cyber Resilience Project

Developing learning materials to embed cyber resilience into local government supply chains

Helping you


We lead programmes that challenge innovative companies to solve public sector problems, accelerating the pace of digital transformation.


Supporting startups to transform the public sector.

What’s happening

We convene the global GovTech ecosystem, facilitating collaboration between public bodies and innovative companies. Join our events to become part of our community and learn from the best and brightest innovators driving digital transformation in the public sector.

What we think

We share the latest insights from across the GovTech Community.

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