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October 25, 2023

Discover PUBLIC’s Expertise and Impact: Our Revamped Website is Here!

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Alex de Carvalho, introduces our redesigned website - built to showcase PUBLIC's core areas of expertise we've invested in building over the years and communicate the impact we are having towards our mission to help create outstanding, digital public services that create a better society for everyone.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the ability to adapt is not a matter of choice - it’s a necessity for strategic advantage. For over five years, PUBLIC has been a guiding force in the realm of public sector digital transformation, leading the way in innovation and redefining how governments and public sector organisations navigate the complexities of the digital era. Today, we’re thrilled to launch our updated website which showcases the breadth of PUBLIC’s services and demonstrates the impact we are having towards our mission to help the public sector deliver outstanding, digitally-enabled services that create a better society for everyone.

Your portal to outstanding digital public services

Our primary goal with this revamp is to present PUBLIC as the mature organisation it is today - a digital transformation partner committed to helping the public sector turn innovative ideas into practical solutions. The revamped website ties together all of our expertise, offerings, and impact in government policy, delivery and technology to allow you to see how we power the public sector with new technologies and innovative ways of working to achieve better outcomes for citizens.

We believe that transformation extends far beyond parachuting in software, which is why we focus on embedding durable capabilities within the public sector to deliver value that outlives our projects. Our whole system approach, anchored in the GovTech ecosystem we’ve helped to build, is what enables us to achieve outcomes that last. We have taken the time to improve our website to mirror our delivery approaches and to provide a simpler journey to show how we define public sector challenges and conceive, source and pilot innovative solutions, all while empowering teams with the skills and mindsets needed to champion transformation that creates an enduring, positive impact.

Your gateway to our expertise

As we reflect on our journey, it’s evident that PUBLIC’s deep understanding of the pivotal stages of the digital transformation journey has deepened in lockstep with our team’s unique blend of industry-leading expertise and experience in crucial public sector transformation areas. We’ve spent years honing our knowledge, earning us a reputation as authoritative figures in specific domains, such as procurement and online safety.

Our new Expertise pages serve as a testament to our well-established domains of excellence, demonstrating how we commit to delivering exceptional value to our clients. These pages are designed to offer you examples of how our specialised support, expertise and solutions can help you thrive at each juncture of your transformation journey - whether it’s the initial stages of discovery and design, or the later phases of sourcing and learning.

Whether your focus lies in transforming public procurement processes, custom learning initiatives for civil servants, harnessing the power of data and AI, or driving transformation in other areas of the public sector, our Expertise pages are your gateway to our perspective on driving meaningful change. We invite you to explore our core focus areas:

📱 Security & Online Safety: Working with clients across central government, regulatory bodies and industry to build safer online spaces, protect users and grow a responsible digital economy

💸 Commercial, Spend & Impact: Supporting public authorities to make their commercial and funding processes more effective, efficient and sustainable

🏛️ Local Government: Enabling local authorities to leverage digital and data for the benefit of their local residents, businesses and communities

🧑🏼‍💻 Digital, Data & Technology: Harnessing the power of digital, data & technology to deliver positive impact for society by improving critical public services

🚀 Open Innovation Programmes: Fostering innovation to shape the future of the public sector through technology-driven solutions, from concept to impact

👩🏽‍🏫 Learning & Workforce Transformation: Empowering people with the skills to foster innovation across their teams and drive digital transformation that lasts

Your library of public sector impact

At PUBLIC, we’re not interested in just telling you how we make a difference; we believe in showing you the tangible results of our work. That’s why we’ve revamped our Insights section with an optimised search filter. This tool is designed to help you explore a curated collection of our public sector impact stories and case studies filtered according to our Expertise areas. Whether you’re a government official, a startup innovator, representing a private sector organisation, or serving as a civil servant, these real-world examples can offer valuable insights and inspiration, showing how we can assist you in driving transformation to achieve your unique ambitions. Ready to dive in and discover the outcomes you stand to gain? Explore our case studies now.

Join us in building a better-governed world

At PUBLIC, we don’t just promise transformation; we make it a reality. Want to explore our new website and discuss how we can help you make a lasting impact on the public sector? Drop us a message to chat with our team of experts. Together, let’s ensure the public sector excels at every turn.


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CEO & Co-Founder

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