July 6, 2022

March 20, 2023

GovTech Goes Global: Celebrating the in-person return of The GovTech Summit 2022

The GovTech Summit announces its return to a physical event this November 1st in partnership with The Hague for its fifth year anniversary special edition, with a mission to drive collective action toward sustaining the momentum of digital acceleration in the aftermath of the pandemic. And this year, it’s going global - with international policymakers and startup innovators set to gather and define the future of government in a digital age.

The world’s leading event for public sector innovation is back and it couldn’t come soon enough. Last year’s Summit saw the world emerging from the peak of the pandemic, where for the first time GovTech was cast as a fundamental requirement for effective design and delivery of public services. Yet the extent of change in the last year alone is unprecedented. We’ve seen Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, alarming rises in the cost of living and dangerous signs of democratic backsliding, stripping the abortion rights of millions.

Against this backdrop, the underlying purpose of The GovTech Summit remains steadfast. The Summit’s mission, established in 2018, to unite political leaders and the startup ecosystem, set us on a course to deliver relationships and solutions that benefit communities everywhere. It is instrumental to us that we power ahead with that same vision, taking the Summit one step further, fostering an international community with the same passion to modernise public services and unlock the full potential of GovTech worldwide.

Dynamic Sessions for a Global Audience

This year, the GovTech Summit has partnered with the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, and the City of The Hague, with the ambition to welcome 1500+ delegates from startups, government & industry from across the globe for a full-day programme of keynote addresses, interactive workshops, and panels on pressing themes impacting governments today.

We are thrilled to be hosting The GovTech Summit in The Hague this year - this will be a unique opportunity to showcase what makes the Dutch GovTech ecosystem one of the most exciting in Europe and collaborate with international leaders on the most pressing challenges which GovTech is ready to address

Mayor of the Hague, Jan Van Zanen, explained when announcing the partnership with PUBLIC

More than ever, policymakers, civil servants and citizens alike need to be inspired and shown what the brightest innovators are doing right now - but most crucially how they are getting it right. We want attendees to not only walk away with a deep understanding of the current GovTech landscape to stay ahead of the curve, but the skills and insights they can immediately apply to create more user-centred and effective public services in their home countries.

Leaders from all corners of the world will outline their commitments to action, exchange targeted strategies, and lay out bold ambitions for how to build robust systems and services in the current climate. Other notable sessions will dive into the current barriers innovators continue to face in breaking into public sector markets and what can be done to mobilise public and private-sector investment to empower game-changing solutions. Additional themed tracks will span online security, technology for our planet, digital health, and the future of open data. All of which will be curated to provide clarity as to how we can each play our part in the GovTech ecosystem, to ensure public services are innovative, agile, and prepared for anything.

The day’s Main Stage agenda will wrap with Pitch GovTech, an exciting platform for six leading startups to pitch their innovative solutions directly to our engaged audience. Previous years have seen Climate X, Care Compare, Sympower, Beam and countless more showcase their pathways to public sector transformation.

Expanding your ecosystem

As always, unique networking opportunities will be at the heart of The GovTech Summit 2022. Connect with peers, policymakers, technologists, consultants, and the most innovative entrepreneurs to take your ambitions to the next level. Attendees can stop to connect in between sessions they attend on our three tracks, ask questions live, and join problem-solving workshops to learn about the challenges various peers face, providing greater opportunities to collaborate on meaningful solutions together.

Cities across the world are progressively defining the future of our societies and planet. If we’re to make room for a direction that accounts for everyone, we need to innovate - fast. The solutions to our greatest challenges begin and end with collaboration. The GovTech Summit is a passage for PUBLIC to unite our powerful network to drive meaningful change and impact. Our fifth-year anniversary edition promises to bring together the world’s most action-orientated visionaries for a brighter, more equitable future.

Register for The GovTech Summit now and be the first to know when high-profile speakers, sessions, and much more are added to the lineup. Tickets are free for startups and public sector officials, and private sector guests can benefit from a limited time early bird discount

Get your ticket today and start planning your GovTech Summit experience.



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