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March 15, 2022

The Return of Defence Disrupted: Innovation for a Safer Future

The world’s leading event for defence innovation and technology is back for its second annual edition, giving representatives a platform to connect and share knowledge about how to keep pace in their modern defence capability.

We are at a crucial point in our history. Ukrainians today face a replay of Europe’s 20th-century nightmares, only now the global battlefield is defined not just by tanks alone but by both soldiers and software. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Putin’s push to upend the broader security order in Europe is likely to lead to a historic shift in our leaders’ thinking about the continent’s defence capabilities. There is no set playbook on how far Putin will go. For each ministry of defence, this means the stakes involved in creating a leading technological edge and operational advantage against their adversaries are higher now than they have been in years. 

This new global threat landscape is evolving rapidly. The physical threats of today are now increasingly exacerbated by information warfare, and cyber attacks on critical national infrastructure. The urgency to meet these challenges no longer affords time to the current pace of defence innovation. A most critical determinant of modern military power is the successful integration and use of emerging and disruptive technologies in military applications. Yet, pressing questions still remain around what a leading and optimised edge in defence is truly made up of. How does defence innovation translate into operational advantage? What does it take to upskill personnel to fuel a culture of innovation? How can better synergies be fostered between defence buyers and smart technology providers? 

The inaugural edition of Defence Disrupted explored how digital technologies are radically changing the way the defence sector operates - but this time we are taking this conversation one step further. This year, we are excited to convene a world-class group of defence leaders, innovators, policymakers and investors for a full day of direct and inspired in-person discussions, panels & workshops to drive practical change; contracts, investment and adoption of new technology. 

As we at PUBLIC prepare for the second annual edition of Defence Disrupted, it has been imperative for us to evaluate how we show solidarity and adapt in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

We are deeply passionate about shifting our platform to empower and convene essential conversations around how we can protect our national security and that of our allies through digital innovation. It is clear that now more than ever is the time to double down on - not retreat from - our shared commitment to leverage the power of digital technologies to strengthen our defence systems.

That said, we recognise Defence Disrupted is by no means a standalone solution to the scope and scale of the crisis we are witnessing today. We wish to convene a reservoir of support and provide a solution-driven environment for leaders to engage with one another. 

Whether you are a warfighter, official, investor or industry leader, it is time to strengthen our commitment to engage with innovative digital technologies in defence - preparing us for security in the future while engaging with the real threats we face today. Defence Disrupted 2022 provides an opportunity to make real progress on these challenges. Let’s get to work.

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