November 5, 2021

March 20, 2023

How to measure and reduce carbon emissions at scale

In an interview with Sweep’s CEO & Co-Founder, Rachel Delcaour, we learn how the power of collaboration within networks is pivotal in assisting the decarbonisation of entire sectors and industries.

1. What is your startup's mission and why did you embark on this venture?

Sweep’s mission is to be the most powerful tool for enterprise companies to manage, measure and reduce carbon emissions across their entire value chain. Sweep’s co-founders started on this venture because they saw how difficult it was for larger companies to do this, and realised they could use their background in business intelligence to ease the process. The aim, ultimately, is to help the biggest emitters to measure and reduce their impact on the planet.

2. What makes your startup stand out from the crowd?

• It is the only all-in-one tool on the market aimed at large enterprise companies who want to measure and reduce their emissions at scale. 

• It’s the only tool that allows businesses to collaboratively measure emissions across all scopes, and across their entire value chain.  

• Sweep’s founding team of repeat entrepreneurs combines the best from an analytics, business intelligence and tech background with world-class carbon expertise. 

3. How will your technology help to achieve net zero targets?

Sweep helps businesses not only to measure their emissions but also to reduce them. They can set science-based targets and clear roadmaps to achieving them, through both reduction initiatives and by contributing to the highest-quality climate projects. Crucially, it lets you connect and collaborate with suppliers, partners and investment portfolios on tracking and reducing emissions. So the potential for achieving net zero goes far beyond a single company, and leverages the power of the network to decarbonise entire sectors and industries.

4. What are your plans for the future?

Our ultimate goal is to get all large companies on Sweep, we will do this by building the best product. With features that will further automate emission calculations to gamification aspects that will tap into our basic instincts to create change, we have a packed roadmap, to make Sweep more powerful, easier to use and ultimately more impactful.

Reducing carbon emissions is a network problem. By empowering companies that are leading in climate action to work together and get ever more partners on board, we’re enabling them to deliver on their pledges, and set in motion a movement of better business that will be unstoppable. We’re here to prove that a massively successful business can also be massively good for the planet. 

5. What do you think is most important about COP26 this year?

• That we – governments, countries and businesses – move from pledges to climate action. Less talk, more action.

• That we go in with humility about where we are right now, and with serious ambition in where we are headed.

6. Advice for CleanTech startup founders?

Be stubbornly optimistic, as defined in The Future we Choose. This is something we live by at Sweep, and it’s the perfect motto for tackling both the climate crisis and the hard work of building a company from the ground up.

The Tech For Our Planet - Startup Showcase will showcase the leading digital solutions that can help us reach Net Zero. Tickets to the showcase can be obtained via the official COP26 website on 31st October.


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