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July 14, 2022

Meet our Justice, Transport & Education GovStart cohort

This month we kicked off our brand new GovStart programme - taking on a cohort of 34 startups across a number of different sectors. This week we delve into the solutions of our 4 Justice, Transport & Education startups spanning areas such as illicit trade prevention, employment training and transport management.

PUBLIC was founded to address the burgeoning need for startups to provide innovative solutions to public service requirements. Across our companies for GovStart we have ensured these innovative pursuits are reflected in the companies that are part of our GovStart Programme. 

This week we have decided to focus on some of our emerging sectors and spotlight the fantastic companies that are radically transforming the way people engage with these markets. 

All of these companies work across public service provision in some of the key markets that everyday citizens interact with. 


TransportTech is an emerging market which has been significantly successful in the past few years. Many of these companies engage with the wider social system to improve the daily lives of citizens and link into the wider smart city ecosystem.

Caura is a payment platform for your car to manage tolls, city charges, vehicle tax, MOT and insurance. 


PUBLIC has worked extensively in the Justice space - from working with frontline services to reviewing data capabilities to provide greater service of care to those affected by the justice system. As a result we have been fortunate enough to engage with fantastic justice companies that work diligently to create a cohesive and safe environment for citizens. 

Cyber Defence Service - Specialising in the cyber, radio-frequency, and electromagnetic environments – we provide real-time analysis and exposure of the invisible battlespace. We achieve this through developing secure platforms and methodologies that connect advanced hardware to secure cloud-based software systems.

Vistalworks - Vistalworks has developed risk-scoring and intelligence technology that supports national efforts to maintain economic security, and protect consumers, society and the environment from the harms of online illicit trade. We’ve a GovTech intelligence solution live in the UK (used by HMRC, Police Scotland, and Trading Standards Scotland) and an EU sister company based in Estonia.


EdTech has seen a phenomenal growth in the past few years as the emergence of remote work and remote learning has required government institutions to rapidly upskill their online learning abilities. Companies such as Skilllab provide opportunities to employers, employees and freelancers to create new skills and arm themselves with new opportunities which can then inform local policy design. 

SkillLab - SkillLab develops technology to connect people, jobs, and education on the level of skills. With its solutions, the company empowers employment and training service providers to digitally enhance career guidance services, analyse skills gaps and inform local policy and training design.


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