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March 20, 2023

Prison Leavers Innovation Challenge

We announced the suppliers participating in the PLIC programme launched by PUBLIC and The Ministry of Justice!

We are excited to announce the suppliers participating in the The Prison Leavers Innovation Challenge programme launched by PUBLIC and the The Ministry of Justice! This Challenge programme provides a fantastic opportunity for participating suppliers to showcase their innovative solutions in line with the set challenges.

The Prison Leavers Innovation Challenge aims to reduce the impact of crime in society through the use of innovative new solutions.

What are the Challenges?

Goal Tracking Challenge:

The Goal tracking challenge aims to provide ways through technological tools to assist prison leavers in tracking their positive behaviour goals.  This challenge aims to ensure prison leavers have a digital solution which can assist in their personal development and fulfil their full potential within society.

Day Release Appointments Challenge:

The Day Release Appointments challenge will observe solutions in which ongoing relationships can be maintained on the prisoners day of release through stakeholders being informed on details and key appointments of prison leavers.

Data Store Challenge:

The Data Store Challenge aims to create a digital solution to assist prison leavers with ways to control their data and key documentation. The Social Group Challenge aims to allow prison leavers to build community relations positively through connecting prison leavers to the relevant support groups.

Learning Difficulties and Disabilities Challenge:

The Learning Difficulties and Disabilities challenge in which aims to assist a prison leavers probationary period ensuring crucial information surrounding conditions of release are iterated to prison leavers with learning disabilities or difficulties.  

Our selected suppliers aim is to pilot technological solutions and tools to harness new avenues to assist this important transition and the reduction of the impacts harm related crimes. Learn more about the great work of our suppliers below!9 Selected Suppliers Partaking This years cohort has been finalised with 9 selected suppliers in which seek to pilot their innovative solutions to challenges PUBLIC and The Ministry of Justice has identified as priorities for prison leavers.


Orbital Global is a world-leading digital services and technology company based in the UK. It has been identified for inclusion in the Tech East 100, Future 50 and is one of only 30 companies to be accepted on the national Innovate UK Scale-up Programme. Orbital is working in collaboration with The Disabilities Trust Foundation, a development within national UK charity The Disabilities Trust, which has been making a difference to the lives of people with brain injury by sharing its extensive experience and knowledge through research and the piloting of new ideas, in a range of settings, including the criminal justice system.

Becoming X

BecomingX is a learning and development company set up to create a world where everyone can realise their potential. Co-founded by adventurer Bear Grylls, it creates films with the world’s most inspiring and iconic people and develops inspiring education content to help people build the confidence and skills to succeed. BecomingX is ‘B Corporation’, certified to meet the highest social and environmental standards, and has been awarded ‘Best for the world’ status as the highest scoring education company in the UK.


Offploy will be piloting their innovative solutions for the ‘Day of Release challenge’ Offploy, a social enterprise, is committed to improving the lives of all members of the community, regardless of their criminal record. Offploy break down the barriers that restrict employment opportunities for ex-offenders. Offploy’s mission is to reduce reoffending and make  society safer by placing people with criminal convictions into meaningful, mentored and sustainable employment.


Yalla is a collective of developers and designers, working together across the UK, Gaza and Germany, shared in their belief that transcending borders through technology makes them stronger in designing the tools and teams needed to drive positive social change across the world. Yalla works with charities, non-profits and social enterprises, building solutions to tackle societal challenges through technology.

Meganexus and SWIM

Meganexus is a leading provider of secure software solutions to the public sector and organisations which deliver public services. Meganexus supports professionals in all disciplines who help improve the lives of citizens. They are the developers behind Virtual Campus available in all prisons in England and Wales. Following on, SWIM is a community interest company that empowers people in Hackney and its neighbouring communities to improve their health, well-being and life chances.Dr Gemma Morgan, Swansea University, the Legal Innovation Lab Wales and Include UKDr Gemma Morgan, Swansea University, the Legal Innovation Lab Wales and Include UK are a consortium of experts from academia, industry and the third sector. The consortium provide innovative digital solutions to support people in the criminal justice system on their journey to desistance. They champion digital technology for social good.

Make Time Count

Make Time Count will be participating in the Day of release challenge. The Make Time Count platform helps vulnerable people connect to local services that can help them. Their innovative solution eliminates 1000s of hours of staff admin, freeing up critical time to support users.

Innovative Alliance

Innovative Alliance will be partaking in the Social Group Challenge. Innovative Alliance was created to support people in their desire to develop their skills and become economically active. Through their specially designed courses we listen, engage, build confidence, harness ability and unlock hidden potential.


MyKindaFuture are a HR tech company with a social purpose, specialising in supporting underrepresented talent into work and succeed once there. MyKindaFuture works within multiple sectors providing a world-class mentoring platform, Connectr, to talent across the UK alongside their partner employers and organisations.

We are excited to see the progression of the Prison Leavers Innovation Challenge, PUBLIC is constantly looking for input from startups to further develop solutions for obstacles that prison leavers face. Please get in contact with us on ways to further digitise this landscape.


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