January 6, 2022

July 6, 2021


Supporting startups to transform the public sector


Government is experiencing an unprecedented digital transformation. How we move, work and access healthcare is changing fast. Every year there are thousands of opportunities for innovative young companies to work with government and help to improve public services. GovStart helps innovators plan, connect and collaborate with the people and organisations for which technology will be game-changing.


GovStart is a sixth-month growth programme to help tech startups transform the public sector. We take startups at different stages and in various sectors, working with products that have powerful public sector applications, and provide them with the tailored support, strategy and networks they need to succeed.


Since 2017 dozens of companies have learned to navigate the public sector with the help of GovStart.

£59m investment raised

48 companies supported

£19m public sector contracts won

47 public sector pilots agreed

18 new products developed


Photo by the author

Chiara Carlini

Lead, Startup & Challenge Programmes

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