April 1, 2022

October 20, 2023

Climate Finance Accelerator digital service discovery

Working with BEIS to enhance user engagement with digital services to drive its Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA) initiative

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The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) sought to use the potential of digital services to drive its Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA) initiative. To achieve this, they engaged PUBLIC to undertake a comprehensive website discovery project. The goal was to deepen an internal understanding of how digital services could prove instrumental in realising the strategic objectives of the CFA.


Our approach revolved around one of our core principles: bring into sharper focus the central needs of users. We led a process involving group affinity mapping with more than 60 users across CFA geographies. Through our deep dive, we identified over 100 user needs to translate into actionable user personas. Next, we transformed our insights into tangible solutions, creating low-fidelity UX wireframe designs and mapping of key technical and content constraints. Through laying the foundation for an intuitive sitemap, we ensured a set of evaluation metrics would accompany it to serve as the basis for long-term key performance indicators (KPIs), with a strong emphasis on user adoption and content sharing.


Our journey with BEIS’s CFA initiative has enabled the initiative to move into the Alpha phase, marking a significant leap forward in the pursuit of climate finance goals. By prioritising user needs and leveraging digital capabilities, we’ve helped set the stage for a digital service ready to drive meaningful and sustainable change.


Photo by the author

Johnny Hugill

Deputy Director of Commercial, Spend & Impact

Photo by the author

Marco Iovino

Senior Associate

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