April 1, 2023

October 18, 2023

Procurement Spend Data Service Discovery

Partnering with the Crown Commercial Service to facilitate the enhancement of the Government-wide Procurement Spend Data Service

Commercial, Spend & Impact


The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) partnered with PUBLIC on an 8-week Discovery journey, seeking to scope system requirements for a Government-wide Procurement Spend Data Service. With an evolving landscape and diverse user needs, CCS’ goal was to streamline data collection and analysis to promote efficiency and transparency across government procurement.


We engaged with over 30 authorities to understand the user needs and data processing requirements essential for the service. We translated these insights into a concerted set of system requirements. These requirements were strategically prioritised, using the MosCoW framework, to ensure that essential elements were addressed first. To provide a clear vision of the future service, we developed simple yet effective diagrams that visualised the technical architecture and data flows. We then presented these requirements and service options to CCS and Cabinet Office stakeholders, fostering collaborative and seamless decision-making. Our findings, including costed business cases and informed trade-offs, laid the foundation for the development of a new Spend Data Service in Alpha-Beta stages.


By capturing and prioritising user needs and translating them into systematic system requirements, we have facilitated the enhancement of the Government-wide Procurement Spend Data Service. This engagement with CCS and Cabinet Office has empowered the service for its next phases, setting the stage for a more efficient and transparent government procurement process.


Photo by the author

Johnny Hugill

Director of Commercial, Spend & Impact

Photo by the author

Tolu Segun

Senior Associate

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