January 17, 2023

March 13, 2023

Open and Sustainable Public Procurement Toolkit

A practical resource for governments looking to rethink sustainable procurement

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Public procurement represents $13 trillion (USD) of global public spend and 15% of global GHG emissions. It is a hugely significant lever for making our economies more sustainable, innovative, and inclusive. Governments around the world - including the UK - are taking steps to ensure that their procurement approaches promote green, sustainable and inclusive outcomes.

This is reflected in the changing policy landscape in the UK, where procurement notes like PPN 06/20, PPN 06/21, WPPN 12/21 stress the weight of sustainability criteria in public contracts. The UK’s commitments to achieving Net Zero have also created urgency for local councils to review and improve their procurement processes.

But currently, despite a number of major public commitments by global governments, commercial and procurement teams often struggle to put sustainability into practice.


Working with the Open Contracting Partnership and the German Development Bank (GIZ), we created a simple digital toolkit to support procurement teams to put sustainability policy into practice. This includes a step-by-step guide for implementing sustainability across the contracting lifecycle, advice for measuring sustainability outcomes through structured contract data, and guidance on using eco labels and whole-life costing measurements in procurement evaluations.


Since its launch in 2022, the toolkit has gained widespread adoption and impact across global government buyers. It has been translated into French, Spanish and Portuguese, and has been used by nearly 10,000 procurement and commercial practitioners around the world.


Photo by the author

Leyre Villaizan

Senior Associate

Photo by the author

Johnny Hugill

Director of Commercial, Spend & Impact

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