September 21, 2021

October 31, 2023

PUBLIC School of Technology launches to level up public sector skills

LONDON – 22 September 2021 – PUBLIC today launches the ‘Public School of Technology’, with a mission to level up the public sector. The Public School of Technology is a new centre of education dedicated to teaching public servants about digital technology and innovation, offering courses to civil servants and elected officials across the public sector.

The pandemic has had a profound impact on the UK public sector, which employs just under one-fifth of the workers in the country, more than five million people. It has highlighted that to achieve the vision of digitally-enabled public services then every public servant needs to be equipped with the skills to understand the digital economy, the technologies that underpin it, and how to harness its transformative potential for the benefit of citizens.

Public School of Technology is a new solution to this requirement, offering a learning environment where officials will learn directly from the widest community of global digital experts, entrepreneurs and pioneers of digital transformation in the public sector.

Courses include placements in startups so that officials can experience first-hand how digital ventures are applying new technologies and developing new business models to disrupt their sectors and transform customer expectations. The classes cover leading edge practice in digital transformation and innovation from public sector organisations around the world.

Public School of Technology offers a variety of hybrid, remote-first and in-person courses to choose from, giving public officials the power to find the right fit for their needs. From 12-week full-time immersive programmes to 6-month part-time courses, alongside shorter workshops and bespoke course designs tailored exactly to an organisation’s needs, public officials are enabled to upskill in their desired setting.

Daniel Korski, CEO and Co-Founder of PUBLIC, commented:It’s time we moved away from talking about levelling up the digital skills of our public servants and instead delivered for them. To truly move towards a digitally-enabled Government, it is imperative to provide the public sector workforce with a better understanding of technology, and our school delivers exactly that. We want to empower public servants with the digital skills they need to succeed in a technology-driven world. We bring the best techniques from our startup community and have developed highly engaging, high impact learning programmes to help create a modern, digitally literate public sector workforce.


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