March 13, 2023

January 31, 2023

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Digital Strategy

Building a practical, user-centred digital strategy through meaningful team engagement


Clatterbridge Cancer Centre were due to create their digital strategy following the completion of their previous strategy, digital deployment at pace and scale during COVID, and the successful completion of the Global Digital Exemplars programme.

The leadership team wanted to go beyond providing digital enablers, to work in collaboration with teams across the organisation to improve the way digital and data were used to achieve key outcomes for the Trust.


PUBLIC engaged senior leaders to understand strategic drivers and priorities - and with the digital team to understand the current shape of the digital estate and agenda, and how people worked. We then engaged widely across the organisation to get the on-the-ground realities of caring for people using digital tools.

PUBLIC represented the findings and thinking back to the Trust’s digital leaders to develop a mission statement, key priority themes, and programme roadmaps that addressed the opportunity and problem space for the Trust in the best ways possible. Having identified that ways of working and cultural principles were critical to the success of this next strategy to collaborate across digital and Trust services, PUBLIC worked with staff and digital leadership to create a “staff partnership” setting out what staff owed to digital colleagues and vice versa when working together to transform care with digital.


PUBLIC authored the digital strategy and supported with how it was socialised to help align staff and stakeholders behind the new vision and approach. The Strategy was warmly received by all of the Executive Team, setting them up for effective implementation across the organisation.


Photo by the author

Tom Stocker

Deputy Director - Health and Care

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