April 4, 2023

October 20, 2023

Creating a modern DDaT strategy for local services in Cambridge

Working with the Cambridge City Council (CCC) to build a clear, actionable digital transformation strategy to ultimately serve its communities

Local Government
Digital, Data & Technology


Cambridge City Council (CCC) set out to develop a Digital, Data, and Technology (DDaT) Strategy. Their priority was clear: create a roadmap that harnesses digital technologies, optimises data utilisation, and enhances technological capacity to better serve residents and stakeholders. This required the delivery of a holistic digital transformation strategy that would rewire and enhance the way CCC operates.


Our DDaT journey with CCC was defined by a comprehensive methodology rooted in prioritising user needs and ensuring accessibility. It involved benchmarking against industry best practices in data strategies while aligning technology, data, skills, and processes. We crafted a framework to implement and manage digital initiatives across CCC’s diverse departments and functions. Our approach aimed to streamline projects, optimise resource allocation, and eliminate duplication. At the heart of our solution was our close and collaborative relationship with CCC, encouraging agility and iteration, helping to facilitate adaptability and continuous improvement.


The outcome of our collaboration with the CCC is a strategy poised for meaningful execution. CCC now possesses a clear roadmap outlining the “who” and the “how to” of implementing recommended initiatives. This strategy empowers CCC to confidently drive digital transformation and unlock new possibilities in the digital era.


Photo by the author

Johnny Hugill

Director of Commercial, Spend & Impact

Photo by the author

Thomas Chalk

Former Team Member

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