April 2, 2023

October 20, 2023

Solving data challenges & ransomware recovery with Hackney Council

Helping Hackney Council build more user-friendly housing and benefits programmes and recover from a cyber incident with advanced data management

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Hackney Council’s housing and benefits programmes faced an array of challenges, further exacerbated by staff turnover and recovery from a cyber incident that impacted service delivery. These challenges included lack of central data sources and management flows, poor system-user connectivity, and susceptibility to human errors within workflows.


We are helping Hackney Council build more user-friendly housing and benefits programmes and recover from a cyber incident. We’re doing this by mapping the “as-is” data architecture of the Housing and the Benefits & Housing departments and using that baseline understanding to make a cohesive architecture that works for all end-users. We delivered a number of approaches to meet this need:

  1. Visualised data flows: We created an architecture diagram to illustrate the dynamic data flow through the Housing and the Benefits & Housing systems, offering clarity on data movement within the ecosystem.
  2. Chartered the API landscape: We curated a comprehensive API table that catalogues the array of APIs in use, with each API's purpose and role in data flow meticulously documented for a clear understanding of the system's data interaction.
  3. Understood users through user stories: We translated user experiences into compelling user stories to identify pain points and user-centric challenges, forming the basis for informed improvements.
  4. Centralised data assets: We established a centralised assets library that included governance maps, data dictionaries, diagrams, and business glossaries, streamlining data governance and fostering efficient collaboration.


Our collaboration with Hackney has resulted in several significant outcomes. By actively involving users throughout the process, we contributed to better system design and improved overall user experience. The efforts throughout the initiative are set to advance housing services in Hackney and streamline data governance, whilst enhancing collaboration and fostering data-driven efficiency.


Photo by the author

Ned Burns

Former Team Member

Photo by the author

Thomas Chalk

Former Team Member

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