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March 13, 2023


Digital platform supporting intelligence officials to securely share, tag and comment on OSINT data across departments

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The UK’s intelligence community spans numerous departments and agencies across government. Driving collaboration, shared best practices and knowledge is key to joining up our response to complex threats, particularly as harms move increasingly online. However, with the proliferation of masses of real-time open source intelligence (OSINT) generated online, the wider intelligence profession has few digital channels to routinely share OSINT.


We partnered with the Joint Intelligence Organisation (JIO) in Cabinet Office to design INDEX - a digital platform to support intelligence officials to securely share, tag and comment on OSINT data across departments.

To design prototypes across a rapid 2-month sprint, we performed a series of collaborative design exercises and approaches including group affinity mapping, translating these insights into user-personas, high-fidelity UI/UX wireframe designs and prototypes to test with end-users.  Using these technical assets, PUBLIC provided a cross-functional team of designers to design INDEX from scratch with JIO.


Our iterative design process delivered a product build centred on multi-user functionality. INDEX passed an internal Alpha/HMT review phase and user-testing, progressing to Live rollout in 2023.


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