August 2, 2022

October 20, 2023

Navigating Equality and Human Rights in the Age of AI

Through extensive desk research, use case development and stakeholder engagement, we recommended four areas of focus for the EHRC’s Strategic Plan relating to AI and equality and human rights.

Security & Online Safety


In 2021, EHRC was confronted with the complex task of charting a course through the evolving terrain of Artificial Intelligence (AI), emerging technologies, and online safety. They needed strategic recommendations to inform their upcoming Strategic Plan for 2022-2025, with a particular emphasis on these intricate and impactful technology domains.


Our response to this multifaceted challenged unfolded in a comprehensive four-phase discovery process. Collaborating closely with EHRC’s Strategy Hub and AI Working Group, we leveraged our expertise in the following ways:

We initiated the project with a comprehensive evidence review, dissecting over 45 sources to unearth vital themes and trends within AI and emerging digital technologies. Next, we delved into the identification and prioritisation of more than 25 use cases that had the potential to support equality and human rights across diverse sectors. We crafted a robust prioritisation framework to determine the most impactful and actionable use cases, ensuring that EHRC’s efforts would yield meaningful results.

Recognising the critical need to foster strategic partnerships, we undertook an expansive stakeholder mapping and engagement process. Our efforts led to the identification of over 50 relevant organisations across a diverse array of entities, including UK regulators, international organisations, civil society groups, and academic institutions. The culmination of our work resulted in the creation of a Theory of Change. This framework seamlessly aligned with EHRC’s comprehensive end-to-end model, delineating the various levers necessary to achieve key outcomes and instigate behavioural impact.


The impact of our collaboration with EHRC was substantial. Our core recommendations were not only embraced but also played an instrumental role in shaping a groundbreaking AI programme. Specifically, these recommendations became a pivotal component of EHRC’s Strategic Plan for 2022-2025, with a keen strategic focus on addressing four priority use cases. This positions EHRC to expertly guide and uphold equality and human rights within the ever-evolving landscape of AI, emerging technologies, and online safety.


Photo by the author

Maya Daver-Massion

Former Team Member

Photo by the author

Daniel Fitter

Director of Strategy & Transformation

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