October 20, 2023

Understanding the Safety Tech sector

Conducting a detailed analysis of the emerging SafetyTech sector to enable DCMS to make informed decisions and continue supporting the sector’s expansion

Security & Online Safety


The Department for Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) sought to understand and showcase the growth and impact of the UK’s safety tech sector. The project’s objectives included assessing the sector’s revenue, employment, and contributions to online safety.


To meet this objective, PUBLIC - in partnership with Perspective Economics - conducted a detailed sectoral analysis. We engaged in a number of interviews with public sector stakeholders, safety tech providers, civil society organisations, funders, and researchers. The insights gathered as part of this initiative sat alongside a comprehensive literature review with crucial subject matter experts’ input throughout.


Our research provided DCMS with a leading understanding of the safety tech sector’s growth, opportunities, risks, and challenges. By presenting key findings and recommendations, we enabled DCMS to make informed decisions and continue supporting the sector’s expansion. Our analysis positioned the UK’s safety tech sector as a global leader, highlighting its impact and significance.


Photo by the author

James Katz


Photo by the author

Daniel Ben-Shaul

Senior Associate

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