December 28, 2022

October 20, 2023

Promoting standards in the age assurance sector

Mapping the current state of the Age Assurance market, identifying representative use cases, and key challenges to help DCMS gain a more in-depth understanding of a rapidly evolving technology sector

Security & Online Safety


The Department of Culture, Media & Sport sought to gain deep insights into the Age Assurance (AA) market, addressing the challenges faced by providers, understanding the landscape, and identifying opportunities for growth. This involved navigating the complex terrain of AA and its existing standards.


In collaboration with Oliver Wyman, we led a project dedicated to uncovering a comprehensive landscape review, alongside industry interviews, and engagement with key regulatory bodies like Ofcom and ICO. By mapping the current state of the AA market, identifying representative use cases, and key challenges, we helped DCMS gain a more in-depth understanding of this evolving landscape.


Our project delivered valuable insights to DCMS, enabling them to more deeply understand the intricacies of the AA market. We not only provided a snapshot of the current state but also highlighted standards in development and government activities. Equally, our evaluation methods shed light on accuracy and effectiveness, while our analysis of potential circumvention techniques informed strategic decisions. Our recommendations have positioned DCMS to positively impact the future direction of the AA market, foster standards development, and promote industry growth.


Photo by the author

Zixuan Fu

Senior Associate

Photo by the author

Daniel Fitter

Director of Strategy & Transformation

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