May 2, 2021

October 20, 2023

Mapping the growing UK Safety Tech Sector

Developing recommendations grounded in leading industry insights to empower DSIT to support the SafetyTech sector’s growth effectively and navigate potential challenges

Security & Online Safety


Following its formation, the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) set out to understand and highlight the UK’s safety tech sector. This included a clear and actionable view of revenue, employment, opportunities, risks, and challenges to enable evidence-based recommendations.


We conducted numerous interviews, literature reviews, and subject matter expert input to address this need. We followed a structured approach that included a PESTLE Framework and thematic analysis. By triangulating data from various sources, we delivered actionable recommendations for DSIT.


Our research equipped DSIT with a deep understanding of the safety tech sector’s dynamics and implications. By offering recommendations grounded in leading industry insights, we empowered DSIT to support the sector’s growth effectively and navigate potential challenges.


Photo by the author

Maya Daver-Massion

Former Team Member

Photo by the author

Daniel Fitter

Director of Strategy & Transformation

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