April 12, 2023

October 20, 2023

Developing a model to understand Interactive Services

Crafting a comprehensive Interactive Services (IS) Model to provide Ofcom with a common framework for understanding user journeys and platform workflows

Security & Online Safety


Ofcom needed a robust framework to understand user journeys, platform workflows, and Trust and Safety measures within Interactive Services. This required a deep dive into the complex world of online interactions and user safety, a core speciality of PUBLIC.


We designed an immersive project that combined stakeholder interviews, desk research, and validation workshops. By engaging representatives from various segments of the gaming ecosystem, we crafted a comprehensive Interactive Services (IS) Model. This model served as a common framework for understanding user journeys and platform workflows.


Our IS Model provided Ofcom with a powerful tool to navigate the intricate world of interactive services. Through mapping user journeys and platform workflows, we enabled Ofcom to address online safety concerns effectively. The IS Model’s impact extended beyond safety, benefiting online safety policy, media literacy, behavioural insights, and competition mapping.


Photo by the author

Alonso Moran

Senior Associate

Photo by the author

Jess Taylor

Former Team Member

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