May 31, 2023

October 20, 2023

Evaluating accreditation approaches for the online safety tech sector

Researching accreditation approaches across the technology sector to develop recommendations for a tailored accreditation process for the online safety tech industry

Security & Online Safety


Ofcom required a delivery partner to better understand accreditation approaches spanning sectors, services, products, standards, and accreditation bodies. This initiative aimed to identify best practices for future schemes relevant to the online safety tech sector.


We used agile project methodologies across two phases. We conducted extensive desk research to source a wide variety of approaches and prioritised schemes based on innovation and best practices. Our analysis considered factors such as market engagement, assessment criteria, centralisation, and scheme monitoring.


Our research generated key findings and recommendations for developing a tailored accreditation process for the online safety tech industry. By emphasising agility and incorporating innovative practices, we equipped Ofcom to better foster industry growth and ensure effective schemes in the sector.


Photo by the author

Daniel Fitter

Director of Strategy & Transformation

Photo by the author

Alexa Sheldon

Former Team Member

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