December 13, 2023

May 9, 2024

AI Adoption in the UK's Public Sector: Investment, Deployment and Skills

The original report by PUBLIC aims to survey the state of AI adoption across the UK government and identify what government can do to push further and faster along its AI transformation to improve public services

We at PUBLIC are excited to share a new, original report on AI Adoption in the UK Public Sector.

Today, we’re moving beyond the theoretical possibilities and promise of AI to focusing on leveraging its power responsibly to deliver tangible solutions today. The potential to revolutionise government operations and service provision is vast, but realising this potential demands clear insights and actionable guidance for the public sector. 

Enter our latest report, providing a roadmap presenting the current state of AI adoption in the public sector, offering practical pathways to responsible implementation - not future pipedreams - for transforming public services. Get ready to deepen your understanding through our AI Adoption framework, centred around three key focus areas: 

Investment: Discover the scale and critical aspects of UK government AI funding 

Deployment: Learn how AI is being implemented across the public sector 

Skills: Dive into strategic learning approaches for embedding a culture of AI within the public sector 

Want to shape the future of public services with informed solutions on AI funding, implementation, and upskilling? Read the full report below! If you'd like to learn more about the report and its contents, please do not hesitate to reach out Thomas Chalk ( or Julie Michlal (


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