August 12, 2020

January 25, 2023

GovTech En France

État des lieux et perspectives

GovTech in France is on the rise. 2019 saw record levels of venture investment in the sector, the introduction of a wave of new startup-friendly policy measures from the French government and a number of landmark digital transformation initiatives. This report assesses the state of the GovTech sector in France in 2019, and provides a blueprint for how it can grow in the future.

This report:

  • Sizes the French GovTech market at €16bn – the largest in Europe.
  • Tracks €1.53bn of venture investment since 2012, showing how the largest 10 GovTech deals came in late-2018 and 2019.
  • Showcases the PUBLIC50 – the best 50 French GovTech startups.
  • Provides 15 recommendations for how to supercharge the GovTech sector in France.


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Johnny Hugill

Deputy Director, Procurement & Business Systems

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