June 8, 2022

October 31, 2023

Global SME Procurement Benchmark

This report assesses the maturity of SME Procurement across international governments.

PUBLIC has partnered with Mastercard to develop an authoritative, data-driven index of how different countries around the world are promoting SME procurement. In consultation with a panel of global procurement experts, we have analysed the procurement practices of countries around the world, and scored performance by analysing over 450 data points. By focusing in particular on the potential of data and new technologies to support SME access to public procurement, we have also highlighted the leading approaches governments can take to support small businesses in delivering better public services for citizens. 

In this report we:

  • Benchmark how 18 different countries are trying to support SMEs in public procurement. 
  • Reveal how 18 experts in SME Procurement are working in industry, business and government to support small businesses. 
  • Mapped 450 unique data points to assess the maturity of global SME procurement across six key dimensions: access, onboarding, cash-flow, payments, data & cyber. 
  • Detail key opportunities that governments looking to open up procurement to SMEs should explore.
  • Propose a vision for the ‘ideal procurement journey’ for small businesses, outlining a seamless user experience from onboarding through to payment. 

For more details on the report, and the experts that we engaged with, take a look at our dedicated report microsite:


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