April 12, 2021

May 11, 2022

Police Tech Pioneers

How new technology startups are set to transform policing

With mobile tablets and body-worn video already as fundamental to a patrol officer’s toolkit as the truncheon and whistle a century ago, the next wave of innovation in policing will be driven by technology startups producing robots and drones, advanced surveillance capabilities, artificial intelligence and new predictive policing tools.

This report:

  • Analyses actual police force contract and invoice data to gather a general picture of how technology is purchased by forces today
  • Outlines barriers to entry for new tech startups, including traditional procurement models, contract lock-in with large vendors, and a lack of market scalability
  • Makes recommendations for the Home Office, including the mandate to set common standards for interoperable technology systems
  • Details how a new public investment vehicle, modelled on the CIA’s IN-Q-TEL venture fund can stimulate the latent market for innovative tech solutions
  • Showcases the Police Tech Pioneers – the 75 most promising police technology startups from around the world, segmented into 3 broad operational themes and 15 areas of business


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Johnny Hugill

Deputy Director, Procurement & Business Systems

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