February 10, 2021

May 11, 2022

GovTech In The Netherlands

Read PUBLIC's new research report exploring the Dutch GovTech market.

This is a report commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the City of the Hague into the state of the GovTech market in The Netherlands.  The report reflects the findings of research conducted last year through interviews with 67 GovTech stakeholders and decision-makers, a survey of 91 GovTech startups, and detailed analysis of contract and investment data.

In this report we:

  • Outline the definition and development of GovTech in the Netherlands, and show how it relates to a number of key related concepts in Dutch technology and innovation
  • Provide a mapping of every GovTech programme, initiative and unit in the Netherlands, including an analysis of the geographic distribution and maturity of these programmes
  • Show that the Total Addressable Market for GovTech is likely above €4b, while current spend through mainstream GovTech programmes was around €25m in 2020
  • Show that there are over 400 Dutch startups working broadly in the GovTech sector, with a number of landmark raises in 2020
  • Startups currently face a number of barriers to working with public authorities: 85% of startups agree that the government should do more to work with startups
  • Outlines ten actions that could help The Netherlands to become a world leader in GovTech


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Joe Cardwell

Senior Associate

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Johnny Hugill

Deputy Director, Procurement & Business Systems

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